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The Beneficiaries - in a Nutshell


The new, practically useful type of "Goldvrenelis" permit an easy, practical and safe access to gold for everybody. They help the preservation of purchasing power, the protection from devaluation of the Swiss Franc and in monetary crises.


The new gold coins can function as a substitute safe-haven currency that act as a safety valve in times of global financial turmoil such as the summer of 2011. They reduce the upward pressure on the Swiss Franc, thereby helping Swiss exporters remain competitive.

Financial Services

Swiss banks and insurance companies will have a first-mover advantage in launching a new breed of financial products denominated in the new gold coins. This will attract more foreign investment into Switzerland.

Bottom line: the new gold coins will make Switzerland more prosperous.

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Buying and selling of gold becomes easier and cheaper


Small denominations render gold coins useful for daily use


The Gold Coin Currency is protected by the Swiss Constitution

Bottom Line

The time is now...The new, additional Gold Coin Currency will make Switzerland more prosperous