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The Idea - in a Nutshell

Recent monetary crises have shown that even a historical safe-haven like Switzerland must take further measures for the financial protection of its people and businesses.

One contribution is to introduce a second currency based on gold coins which would have the same legal status as the existing Swiss Franc. On any given day, for any given purpose, every Swiss citizen would be free to choose either gold coins or Swiss Francs (or any mix of the two) as a store of value or as means of payment.

This non-partisan initiative aims to give Swiss citizens the right – but not the obligation – to use gold coins as safe-haven currency in complement to the Swiss Franc. Meanwhile, the role and function of the Swiss National Bank remains unchanged and largely unaffected.

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Buying and selling of gold becomes easier and cheaper


Small denominations render gold coins useful for daily use


The Gold Coin Currency is protected by the Swiss Constitution

Bottom Line

The time is now...The new, additional Gold Coin Currency will make Switzerland more prosperous