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Initiative to introduce constitutionally protected private gold coins

Article 99bis (new)

Swiss Gold Coins

signature form thumb enClick image to see a draft of the signature form1. The Federal government shall define the rules for the issuance of a set of quickly and easily tradable gold coins with a solid, clearly recognizable gold content starting at 0.1 grams.

2. The issuance of the coins (production, coinage, placing on the market) is provided by Swiss companies. The coins bear a unified symbol of Swiss origin, indicate the gold content in grams and a freely designed identification of the issuer.

3. The issuance, acquisition and trading of the gold coins are tax and duty free.

Purpose and aim of the initiative

The gold coins provide a new, simple, practical and constitutionally protected trade form for gold with the Swiss stamp of approval. They will benefit small and large investors and last but not least those interests, for whom the existing Swiss gold coins “Vreneli” have become too expensive per unit. All of this will be achieved at no cost or risk to the public and the taxpayer.


The ongoing turmoil in the international financial and monetary system leads to widespread insecurity and increasing security needs in large parts of the population. Gold can make a valuable contribution to the diversification and capital preservation of large and small fortunes , but access to it is unnecessarily complicated and unattractive; today only 13% of the population owns gold.

It is these difficulties that the initiative intends to counteract: With gold coins of small denomination from 0.1 g gold content upward (corresponding to about $6.-), the possibility of simple and rapid acquisition plus the exemption from taxes and duties they will provide inexpensive and instant access for all classes of the population. The gold coins provide at the same time the opportunity for new developments, as part of life insurances, pension plans and for marketing purposes.

The public is not burdened with the production and marketing processes, this is handled by the private sector . The law then provides that the simple and rapid acquisition of gold coins is possible by avoiding bureaucratic difficulties.

Further considerations:

Dollars, Euros and even Swiss francs today exist in electronic form or consist of paper or cotton and can be increased arbitrarily . Their fate is closely linked and the historically unique increase in money production in recent years bears the risk that they could lose much of their purchasing power. Gold cannot be printed and has been used for thousands of years as a medium of exchange, as a hedge and as a nest egg. Especially in these uncertain days an easy and attractive access to gold would therefore be important.

However, the private production and issuance of gold coins is illegal in Switzerland and the tax free status for gold as an investment is only regulated in an ordinance, which can be changed at any time. The new constitutional article will eliminate these disadvantages and maybe even become a model that other countries want follow.

In addition, Swiss gold coins could reduce the upward pressure on the franc. Foreign money flows in search of a safe haven could be partially diverted into Swiss gold coins, since they combine a guaranteed material value with Swiss legal protection. Meanwhile, monetary policy remains unchanged a federal matter because the gold coins are not legal tender.

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Buying and selling of gold becomes easier and cheaper


Small denominations render gold coins useful for daily use


The Gold Coin Currency is protected by the Swiss Constitution

Bottom Line

The time is now...The new, additional Gold Coin Currency will make Switzerland more prosperous